The growing importance of user experience

With increasing reliance on technology to help us communicate, sell, shop and effectively get through daily life, significant importance is placed on the overall user experience of any app.

Today’s reliance on technology as a problem-solving mechanism

According to a recent study, 66% of society are scared of being away from their phone. Your devices are an essential part of day-to-day life, and arguably, the pandemic has accelerated the reliance on technology; remote working/learning, online ordering, booking systems...the list goes on. Without apps and the internet, who knows what the pandemic would have been like for businesses, not to mention the social impact. Technology has filled the void of human interaction, and whilst society will embrace a return to personal communication, the importance of easy to use, problem solving technology is here to stay.

Given how much society has relied on technology over the past year or so, there is a much higher level of expectation as to how businesses can solve problems online. Customers and colleagues want information that is easily accessible, platforms should be intuitive to users with minimal barriers in order for life to continue in the fast lanethat, as a society, we’re all accustomed to. Slow loading times, poor interface design and glitches just aren’t acceptable in today’s world.

The benefits of making your business more digital

Making your business more ‘digital’ can bring about many benefits; from employee and customer engagement, an increase in lead conversion, enhanced trust from all parties and so much more. Ultimately, it’s about making business easier – make it easier for employees to do their job efficiently, retaining staff by investing in systems, creating more customer opportunities and effectively, solving the problems that your business faces, whatever these may be – chances are, an app could help.

The importance of good user experience

Not only is the requirement for apps increasing, the importance of UX (user experience) has never been greater. Providing a solution is one thing, providing a positive user experience will essentially be the crucial ingredient to the success and adoption of any app.

Good user experience is a combination of a number of elements but is achieved by considering the user in every stage of research and development.

Get to know your audience: understand their needs and the solution they’re most likely to use on a deeper level; become your user to fully understand their persona.

Prototype, Test & Learn: A good app is not simply “made” there are many steps involved in getting it right. Making prototypes, testing them with your target users and learning from them are all key components.

And again, and again: Considering the structure, flow and user journey throughout development will help to identify problem areas.

Style vs substance: Style is hugely important to how a user feels, but it needs to be balanced with “usability” to avoid the pitfall of style over substance. But from fonts, to colours, to menu layouts and more, the user should be considered to find the best match.

77% of company executives state that their technology is becoming critical to the overall success of their organisation.

Times are changing, fast.

All businesses have an obligation and need to embrace the available technology, is yours?

Source:  Accenture Technology Trend 2021

Where do I begin?

It’s important to simply start, but if you’re feeling a bit lost with where to go and how to approach the idea of creating a great user experience, we’re pleased to offer an initial 30-minute consultation, completely free and no-obligation.

During these 30 minutes, we’ll discuss the problem that you need to solve, with a view to how you can move forward with a solution.

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