About Cariboo Digital

Building big business software for small business budgets
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25 years experience delivering digital.
I believe in solving problems, with technology

Hi, I'm Paul Barnes, founder of Cariboo Digital. I've been solving problems with software since 1996 for a roster of blue chip and startup companies.

I started Cariboo Digital a little over two years ago to bring that experience, together with select partners, to small and medium sized businesses.

My mission is to take the guesswork out of building loveable digital experiences for smaller enterprises like yours.

Creating loveable digital experiences

We build software because we believe creating digital experiences is the way to leverage your company’s skills, experience and expertise.

Helping you compete with big business

We build software for SMEs, because we believe technology is the way for small business to compete with big business, to transform, to grow and to prosper.


We approach our products with a design framework, focussing on user experience and rapid software development technologies to ensure we can design and develop software that works for you and your customers.