Barclays Eagle Labs Product Builder : Week 2 - Customer journeys and landing pages

As we close the second week of the Barclays Product Builder accelerator, our journey into the heart of sustainability has been both challenging and enlightening. Our commitment to building in the open has led us down a path of discovery, refinement, and, admittedly, some unexpected turns.

This week, our focus has been on refining our value proposition, deepening our understanding of our customers through interviews, mapping their journeys and laying the groundwork for our landing page.

Refining Our Value Proposition

This week, our focus was on refining our value proposition. The essence of any product or service lies in its ability to resonate with and address the needs of its users. As we dug deeper, we realised that our initial proposition, while robust, needed more. It required the voice of the very people it aims to serve. We've delved into the heart of what our users truly need, fine-tuning our message to ensure it resonates with the real challenges they face in navigating the complexities in living a sustainable life.

Discovering Our Customer Personas

One of the most enlightening aspects of this week has been the continuation of our customer interviews. Identifying our personas has been a journey of its own, we've started to see the rich tapestry of needs and aspirations our users bring to the table. From the eco-conscious urbanite to the rural innovator facing logistical challenges, our solutions must cater to a diverse audience.

The Challenge of Building Our Landing Page

Despite our progress in other areas, the development of our landing page has not advanced as quickly as we hoped. This has been a humbling reminder that innovation is as much about patience and learning as it is about execution.

Building in the Open

We remain committed to building in the open—sharing our progress, challenges, and learnings transparently with our community. This approach not only holds us accountable but also invites collaboration, feedback, and support from those who share our vision for a sustainable future.

Learning from Nairobi

Among the voices that echoed in our interviews, one stood out – a remarkable woman from Nairobi, working tirelessly with communities to foster sustainable living choices. Her story is a powerful reminder that sustainability is not just a local, but a global challenge. Her insights have been invaluable, adding a layer of depth and perspective to our understanding.

Looking Ahead

As we move into the next week, our focus will be on turning these insights into action. The landing page will be our immediate priority, and the lessons learned from this week will inform every step we take. Week three starts today, more on that and the work as it continues, will be shared here.

We invite you to share your thoughts, your experiences with sustainable living, and your ideas on how we can create a solution that truly resonates. Your input is invaluable as we navigate the complexities of bringing our vision to life.

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