Cariboo Digital Joins Barclays Eagle Labs to Innovate for a Sustainable Future


Cariboo Digital is excited to announce our selection as one of the 100 small companies for the Barclays Eagle Labs Product Builder programme. This marks a significant leap forward in our mission to leverage digital innovation and help create a sustainable future.

The Challenge We're Addressing

Our homes and their systems are at the heart of a critical environmental issue. EU households significantly contribute to energy consumption, accounting for 27% of total energy consumed by end users in 2021, primarily for home heating, highlighting the need for sustainable solutions in residential spaces. Personal transportation is another critical area of environmental concern. In 2021, approximately 740 million tonnes of carbon dioxide were emitted in the EU from road transport fuel combustion, with passenger cars and motorcycles accounting for the largest share of emissions (64%)​. That's an increase of 21% since 1990. Amidst a climate crisis, consumers face the daunting task of navigating these complexities, often hindered by high costs and limited understanding of sustainable options. Our goal is to simplify and facilitate this much-needed change.

Our Hypothesis

We believe that the path to a sustainable future lies in empowering homeowners and drivers with actionable insights and practical solutions. By providing tools to inform, manage and reduce residential energy consumption and personal transportation emissions, we can make a significant impact on our planet.

Our Goals in the Programme

During our participation in the Barclays Eagle Labs Product Builder programme, we will focus on:

  1. Validating the Problem: Understanding the specific challenges homeowners face in adopting sustainable energy and transportation solutions.
  2. Rapid Prototyping: Developing an innovative prototype that addresses these challenges, focusing on user-friendly and effective solutions.
  3. User Testing: Testing our solution with real users to ensure it meets their needs and contributes effectively to reducing both residential energy consumption and transportation emissions.

Call to Action

We are on the lookout for homeowners, industry experts, and sustainability enthusiasts to join us in this journey. Your insights, feedback, and experiences are invaluable in shaping a solution that truly resonates with the needs of today and the vision of tomorrow. What sustainable changes are you most excited to see in your home or transport habits?


At Cariboo Digital, we are  crafting a future where sustainable living is the norm, not the exception. With the support and collaboration of the Barclays Eagle Labs community, we are excited to bring our digital innovation to the forefront of this transformative journey. Will you join us ?

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