Don't Screw Up Your App Before You Even Started

Five Essential Steps To Take Before You Hire A Developer

About to build an app ? Don't hire a developer until you've done these 5 things. Developers are expensive. That makes it expensive to develop something that nobody wants. Validate your idea first.

🛠️ You need a developer first right ? Wrong! You need to define and understand the problem your customers have.
🔮 How to get to know your users when you don't have customers. If you know your customers, you can help them overcome their problems.
🧪 Three ways to run experiments that test you have real customers. Validate, pivot or kill your idea with real data.
🐶 How to find your most valuable fans.Tools to identify your market exists
🔬 How to get started with minimal risk. Get focused to drive your big idea to success

Don't Screw Up Your App Before You Even Started, follow these steps to find your tribe that will love your product, de-risk your project and protect your investment.

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