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How to avoid mistakes building your first app

When it comes to app development, you might not know where to start. Discover how to build software and avoid the pitfalls.

The benefits of adopting agile to build amazing digital products

Here are some guiding principles we like to live by at Cariboo Digital. We wanted to delve into what we think it takes to identify, design, build and deliver a software product today.

5 things you should know about designing a user friendly application

Our attention spans are dwindling by the day, particularly online. When a new page offers something more exciting just a click away, we don’t hesitate to flee and never return. As our prospective customers digest more and more content online, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that what we’re producing is not only interesting and high quality but also user-friendly.

How a roll of duct tape will help you build your business app

The title is odd, we know but if you give us five minutes, we’ll not only show you that it is true, but how it can also save you a large chunk of your development budget and stop you wasting time.

One thing will help your business thrive in 2021

In the business world, 2020 has been all about creating new processes to help your business adapt to the changing circumstances of the ever-evolving global situation and subsequent lockdown periods. For some businesses, this has meant a total upheaval of practices, and for others it’s meant simply updating their procedures, but if there’s one thing we can be sure of, a tech refresh could transform your business and help it thrive in Q1 of 2021.

Could Refreshing Your Digital Products Unleash New Business in 2021?

As we move into 2021, it’s clear that technology has played a big part in the survival of many businesses through the pandemic and into the New Year. Last month, we spoke about how failing to become more digital-friendly meant that many businesses struggled during the national lockdown periods. This month, we’re tackling another issue that could be just as threatening to your business survival – even in the New Year.

The Business Benefits of the No-Code Movement in a post-Brexit World

Any development platform that offers tools for creating software applications without any coding is considered No-Code. This approach is now a viable alternative to traditional software development, especially for business users who need to build their own, robust business applications, without any coding or technical knowledge.

5 Common User Experience Errors That Reduce Sales

We have all had terrible customer experiences, from missed deliveries and broken items, to bad service and poor customer support. These are big issues that companies should fix, and fast – if they’ve got the good sense to realise the long-term effects. Focusing on the end-to-end user experience and raising your game shows your customers that you really care about providing them with a good user experience.

5 questions to ask if you’re thinking of having an app built

So, you have a problem to solve and you're looking for the best solution. Potentially you’ve already started to think through the options available but are yet to step forward on your path to development, or alternatively, you may not know where to begin with finding the technology to support your needs. For both scenarios, we know that there are likely to be 5 questions you will be asking yourself or your provider of choice...

The growing importance of user experience

With increasing reliance on technology to help us communicate, sell, shop and effectively get through daily life, significant importance is placed on the overall user experience of any app.

My Cariboo Journey – Behind the scenes with Paul Barnes

Cariboo Digital has been operating for about 2-3 years now, but my personal background in coding goes all the way back to when I was about 12 years old. As a kid, I loved software and owned a Commodore 64 (look it up... phenomenal changes...), this led to pursuing a degree (BSc) in Computer Science. I’ve been working with the internet since it started, with experience as a Business Analyst and Project Management. The combination of these skills has helped me to identify that businesses need more than an app, they need solutions to problems they might not even recognise as something that could be solved by an app.

Seven Steps To Discover App Success

Building an app is all about enhancing an experience or solving a problem, and our current project with Joanna Hoddinott at Balanced Bodies is designed to not only improve the booking experience for her clients, but to also reduce the admin time for her. We thought we’d take the time to talk you through how we achieve this, in our 7 steps to app success...